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General Ideas for a better gw2. Some ideas to look at ^_^

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So my guild mates and i started to look at the game in different way. Instead of being the salty WvWers that we once were. But we have made a list in a google doc. That will be a on going project and idea sponge for us. We are wanting to share these ideas with the general gw2 audience. We would love to hear the feed back and what others are wanting from the game. Please keep the feedback positive and in a constructive manner.

Guild Wars 2 General Ideas

Class Balance ideas


Warrior hammer rotation needs a slight change, The five skill (backbreaker) is a long cast and the reward is a high cc and damage. But if we swap to the CC only i feel the cast will need to be lessened and or keep it the same cast and increase the CC to a mini Earthshaker.

Overall, hammer for warrior has been nerfed to the point of being useless, where I can see other classes taking its place quite easily.

Winds of Disenchantment. Maybe Scale what it does. I.E if you are a power build make it do dps, if you are a healer/support maybe it can pulse aoe heals.

Shake it off Add a regen that stacks duration for each condi moved (post nerf to the amount of condis removed with it) 6 down to 4

Adding an elite shout for warrior that gives a 3-5 target cap endure for 3 seconds.


Water trait line cleanse for weaver more group support maybe new trait that changes skills on tempest to condition to boon on allies with an underused weapon for short duration such as war horn and make new skills for it.

Engineer Add utility to holosmith for wvw…


Make a stealth healer for group play and trait for weapon to rip boons maybe on staff five now that it doesn't do damage


make the pages less with shorter cool downs into the tomes, or initiative where you have to build something up before going into the tomes then have a short-timer while in the tomes then thief initiative while in the tome; making some skills use more initiative or "pages" while in the tome with no cooldowns but stronger skills remove you from the tome quicker by using more pages. You would have to build stacks to re-enter the tome. F1 could have something to do with burning an enemy, F2 could be healing and or cleansing, F3 could be blocking. It could show on buff bar stacking to say 25 and then each tome could open separately depending on your actions out of the tomes.


Make the Ventari table be like gyros on scrapper when you active the "6" Skill, it would stay above you wherever you go, using the 6 skill again moves the tablet with the use of energy to a location for a short duration then resets. utility and elite skills can be used when the tablet is above you or at a location.


give it a place in WvW zergs with Stance share... make the radius much larger of stances and let allies receive the full buffed trait to the duration of stances. I wanted this to be a thing when PoF dropped but never happened.


Give it a role with boon ripping and buffing allies in WvW with wells that rip boons and give a short duration of a boon at the location of the Chrono like 600 radius to 5 players. Make each well do different boon groups to match the skills flavor.


Please make it the support, barrier, condition clear, heal class that it should be. Even with all the nerfs in the past, if played right, can still support ,with barriers, and do massive DPS (not good to me). should have the trade-off of no DPS to support by giving barrier.

Wvw Defensive / Tactic ideas


The Tactic system in Guild wars 2 is unique and a rewards and interactive way to help defend your structures. But I believe that the human element (Trolling) can waste them. I think an automatic system would help out a lot. Also making them build into the upgrading system for Keeps/Towers. You could even make Keeps and towers have different tactics on upgrades. For example, Tier 1 for keeps would be hardened ( Increase gate/siege/Guard) HP values. Tier 2 you would Structural invulnerability pop at a flat percent of either wall or gate hp. Tier 3 would be an Emergency way point. This tactic would auto pop on inner walls/gates being damaged to a certain % such as 40-30% giving enough time for people to get there without being camped on the way point.(Also have it auto proc a link in Team chat to help make sure people have seen it)

Stone Mist Automatic Tactics system Tier 1 Harden (Gates/Siege/Guards HP) Tier 2 Cloaking Waters/Gunship Tier 3 EWP. The Same idea as on keeps they will auto proc at a certain percentage of inner damage. (Airship should proc when Lord is engaged)

Rewarding people more for defending their keeps/towers. ESO (Elder scrolls Online) Has a system that rewards the peoples for defending or attacking something the longer and more bodies in that objective. I would suggest a scaling reward or badges of honor or something that isn't too broken in terms of values.

Rewarding winning servers, There used to be a 3 Chest reward, So i would suggest that we give the servers extra skirmish chests for winning. 3 going to the winner server 2 for second place and 1 for the losing server.

Warclaw mounts Either need to be nerfed heavily( no stomp and cc immunity) or removed from the game mode. The fact that Anet removed Guard stacks from the game mode a long time ago (saying that it was unfair to the newer wvw players) having leveled a few alts and getting the mounts. I would say that the mount is a bigger power creep than the guard stacks. The evades and CC immunity is broken enough not to mention the free hp. Also the ability to safely stomp 3 downs at a time is unreal. Seeing and being part of a guild group that abused this is kinda unfair. (keeping one member back out of combat on a mount to quickly stomp down enemies. Rinse and repeat.

Automated WvW tournaments, Having them run as long as the linking last. Also banning any movement during the tournaments. Giving two month on two month off to let people move and readjust their home servers. The rewards could be extra mystic coins and WvW exclusive skins. Also setting an activity amount for people to claim the rewards, making it a set amount of hours per week to maintain the end reward.

General Game ideas

  • Adding or updating the mentor ability in Guild wars 2 and allowing you to Check off or show what areas of the game you are comfortable or able to mentor in. I.E WvW mentors PvP mentors and even raids and fractals. But allowing newer players the chance to ask questions to a veteran player in these fields.

Balancing out PPK and PPT, There are a fews ways of going about this my guild mates have discussed this a lot, Either having a stack buff on you that will make the kills you are getting worthless for the server but it wouldnt change the loot you are getting. This Buff would in turn also give the enemy servers 2-3 times the amount of points for killing you.This would balance out the stacking of ppk servers. Another idea would be to have an event in WvW about every 1-2 hours that make PPT or PPK the source of War score. So in the 1-2 hour time frame the servers would have to focus on either ppking or ppting.

Rework ranking in WvW and revamp Alpine Towers/Keep lords,First let me be clear

I do not like the Red borderlands land out at all, I dislike the openness of the keeps and the distance of travel between keeps. The Red server is supposed to be the underdog and needs support with winning against the other servers. Giving them red borderlands is a big disadvantage, That is also the reason you can treb SmC from Red keep in ebg. However back to the topic, I like the idea of having a unique tower/keep lords. The tower lay out for Red borderlands is easier to fight in and makes it much nicer overall. The lord areas don't really force you into a tiny stacked up ball to be easily nuked on. Also if you insist on having Red borderlands being Desert why not go the extra mile and add new themed maps that match the colors? Blue could stay on the same Alpine map but Green could go into either jungle or grass flat lands. Also the idea of having multiple levels on a WvW map is horrible and shouldn't be a Vertical scaling map at all. The one big reason most people dislike Red bl is the Size and the fact that it is a Vertical scaling map.Also rework the trait system in WvW, Having 10000 ranks and only using 1226 of those ranks is kinda meh, you removed guard stacks which would of helped a ton with the slow power creep that you kept pushing until recently. Giving a slight reward to the dedicated enough to hit 10k, Maybe give out armor/weapon skins or even titles. These shouldn't be easy to get and easily accessed by everyone.

Overall Combat

Crowd control- Overall like the no big damage on CC, but CC should feel more rewarding and quicker with less duration to give the combat more fluid motion on losing the damage.

Power Damage- The cuts to power will need to be revisited once outliers are shown after patch. Only real concern with it.

Condition Damage Reapplication of conditions of multiple stacks needs a look at for wvw because of the lack of consistent condition clear across all classes as well as traits of classes that add more conditions based on adding another condition such as Necro. And Rev where one damaging condition makes another damaging condition start or be reapplied instantly maybe should get an internal cool down.

Conditions Duration- ( not all of this but different Ideas)(Should be the stat that increases damage of conditions alone. expertise should affect damaging conditions only the amount of condition overload to clear soft CC over damaging conditions because of order of application or separate priority of cleanse to to give each condition a “threat” level to clear first.

Boon Duration

Boons being applied should be toned down to the “stack and empower days” but access to group boons should not be relied on by one or two classes.

Stability should counter all hard CC at lower stacking duration as long as the boon is up like old stab.

Resistance needs to do a negative damaging condition percentage, and nullify all soft CC and be as accessible as stability is.

Toughness- A class that goes fully into toughness should not be able to be one shot, but not be able to kill a class with no toughness also.

Toughness should give a base negative condition damage buff such as the buff Renegade gets on it’s healing skill ( percent increases with more toughness (0-10/20%?). Resistance should be reworked into a percentage damaging conditions and 100% on soft cc’s only together with toughness should be equaled out to 100% together of damaging conditions

Vitality - Should be the stat that is the counter to condition duration and group power burst.

Precision - Removing free precision traits and with no active play was a good for the stat.

Ferocity- With power nerfs should fall in line with overall power keep nerf.

Boons- The amount of Conditions to boon conversion traits does not match the amount of corruption traits. More traits that change weapon skills into a “purify” skill to counter corruption traits, and skills. Light fields should counter AOE condition fields only when blasted.

Finishers And Fields incorporate finishers more into group play and have a larger effect

Evades Reduce the amount of spam of classes that use it in lieu of stability and add some shareable stability to those classes

Fractal Changes

  • Reworking and revitalizing the fractal scene, Making a leader board that resets weekly or monthly. Having Weekly Affixes that change and also having seasons. It would give pve a competitive environment and give us replay ability.


  • giving us a 3v3 arena variant, making it so we can have a group play that allows a bunker/healer in the comp instead of double dps classes.
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