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[NA][PvE]|Overlords of the Dragons Aether [ODrA]

Sir Lambchops.4057

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Who are we?

[ODrA] is a returning Aussie based guild. We welcome any players;

  • New players who are looking for help/advice
  • Veterans who are returning to the game and want to ease themselves back into the community
  • Looking for a fun, chill community to hang with? (especially as Path of Fire releases soon)

What do we have?

  • 100+ Players
  • Lvl 33 Guild Hall
  • Discord Channel (Requirement)

What do we offer?

  • Experience in T4 Fractals:We usually run Resets (Daily T4s and Daily Rec), but we can also replay the Daily Fractals with any guildies who are requesting help. We would also be willing to run through other Fractals for Achievements or for Legendary Collection Items. Furthermore we run Fractal Lessons for those looking to pick up fractals

  • Experience in Dungeons:Some people have deemed dungeons as dead and this seems to throw off many new players. Our guild continues to run dungeons, both Story lines and Explorable Paths. Inexperienced and looking for help with dungeons? Perhaps you are returning to the game and want to have a shot at dungeons again? Maybe you are experienced but PUGs aren't as easily picked up now. Anyone out there who want to touch dungeons, [ODrA] is willing to take you in.

  • Experience in Map Metas:Trying to vanquish Tequatl? Looking to crush the Karka Queen? Ready to quench the Fire Elemental? We occasionally run World Bosses/Map Metas and you can be 100% new, with no clue what to do, or you could be a veteran coming back to have some fun. Either way, we welcome you all to join us.

  • Guild Missions:We run Guild Missions from time to time, and encourage members to participate (but participation is not mandatory). We take these events as a time of relaxation, connection in our community, and a way of enjoying the game at its core potential. As such, we offer open arms to anyone who wants to join us.


  • Rep during Guild Events/Missions
  • Get in Discord - The Real Rules are in there

Contact Us

Ingame Names:Sir Lambchops.4057HadjiBane.5341Kjerbye.4765Nozdormu the Timeless.2085

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