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Drop rates and chances per day


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I'm currently hunting a handful of treasures for the Treasure Hunter collection. For this post, I'm looking for Rhendak's Signet and Pendant of Arah.

What I would like to know are:

  1. What is the chance of getting one when looting? (Does anybody know, or even have a good guess?)
  2. zis there a daily limit as to how often you can loot the chest at the end of the events? (Once a day? Infinitely often? Several times a day, but nobody knows how many? etc.)

In both cases, it's a pain to get to the right place at the right time. So, I have a character camped out at each location. But, I want to know how often I should bother logging into that character to try the event.


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I found the Pendant page (after I posted this). But, I still don't have a wiki entry for the looting cap rate. I know you can loot the Rhendak chest many times a day, because I've done it. But, what I don't know is if the signet only has a chance of coming up, say, once a day.

Also, I would still like "best guesses" as to how rare the pendant and signet are. (1 in 100?, 1 in 1000?, etc.) One guy wrote on the wiki that he took about 60 tries.

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