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Simple Builds

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TLDR: Some easy DPS builds that anyone can pull off that are still viable for both solo and group content.

  • Solo DPS above 10k
  • Group DPS above 20k

If you have a similar build please share

Long Story:I think the people who build the meta do an amazing job, though for me I find that when I play their builds I spend my time looking at my keyboard due to skill cool downs, skill timing and trying to get positioning just right, which means I just don’t enjoy playing as much. I also don’t like any skill that forces or restricts movement (aka Power Soul beast using Whirling Defences).

So I have made my own builds that don’t rely on any skill order, timing or how you position yourself during a fight. The builds deal respectable DPS and will not get you kicked from high end group content i.e. Fractal challenge mode (100 and 99). Raids are a little tricky, my experience is that raiders generally have a more linear view of what works so you have to use a build that looks like the meta (aka Dragon Hunter, they will think you are below average in most instances).

These builds are very forgiving so you will generally sit in the middle to upper middle of the DPS pack, unless the group is good. If the group is good you will look terrible and expect to be kicked (which is fair enough). Though most people aren’t as good as they think and these builds will get you by in PUGs be that Raid or Fractal CM’s.

I use these build to do Fractal Challenge Modes 100 and 99, yes some people cry that I run my Power DPS Renegade (yeah you read right Power Renegade) and although I’m never going to pull out 40k DPS I’m generally sitting on 17k-19k DPS at the end of a single target fight… in a PUG that will often put you 2nd or neck and neck 3rd in the DPS race.

How I test a build

  • Ascended armour
  • Ascended weapons
  • Ascended trinkets
  • Sigils and Runes
  • Full Infusions
  • No food or utilities (because ugh too hard)

Solo Build TestHuge Golem → Weak EnemyWhat is the DPS when it is dead

Group BuildHuge Golem → Weak Enemy25mightFuryQuicknessAlacrityFrost SpiritSpotterSun SpiritBanner of StrengthEmpower AlliesApply all conditionsWhat is the DPS when it is dead

DPS numbers will vary a bit each test

Power Renegade http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PmgAwylxQHMPyh1RNMO6hRSfMCKgJ7l2DC-zRIYR0wXG1mAVUA2eQCjNwD-e

  • Solo Test - 12.2k DPS
  • Group Test - 24.9k DPSYou can get more DPS if you use Deathstrike but it affects your movement so I don’t, if you use food and utilities you will also do better.

Rotation (Press on cool down):1,2,4, Citadel Bombardment and Legend Swap (once you swap Legends activate Vengeful Hammers or Impossible Odds).

Sometimes you will run out of energy before you can Legend Swap and sometimes you will swap Legends before you run out of energy. When you run out of energy and your Legend Swap is still on cool down I don't reactivate Vengeful Hammers or Impossible Odds, I just wait for the Legend Swap and reactivate after swapping legends.

The blanks in the build template are because it doesn’t matter what you pick, personally I never run Swift Termination (except for Fractal CM’s), I use Assassins Annihilation as I find myself needing the extra healing, if you're better than me then go for the higher DPS of Swift Termination.

Power Dragonhunter http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PWABw+x3FzhhwmYl4Qvo2SA-zRIYR0zXG1mCVUB2eQCj9wD-e

  • Solo Test - 10.9k DPS
  • Group Test - 21.2k DPS

Rotation (Press on cool down):1,2,4,5,7,8,0, Weapon Swap

The only reason I don’t press 3 is because Zealot’s Defence roots you in place, you can get more DPS if you press it. This is a good “tricked you, I’m not playing a meta build” for a raid PUG.If you use food and utilities you will do higher DPS.Don’t try with a static group you will look horrid and get booted even with food and utilities.

Press the buttons whenever you can, spam Sword of Justice and Zealot's Flame / Zealot’s Fire, literally put your face on the keyboard and roll it around. I never wait to weapon swap, if I can weapon swap I do, it goes with my motto, focus on the game not your keyboard.

Condition Soulbeast http://gw2skills.net/editor/?POwAg+VF7jNxkYmYp9c/cHxTA-zRJYmR3/ZUgqKFJgTPIBxfA-e

  • Solo Test - 12.2k DPS
  • Group Test - 24.3k DPSIf you use food and utilities you will do higher DPS

Rotation (Press on cool down):1,2,4,5,7,8,9,0, Poison Gas, Primal Cry, Weapon Swap (I don’t press 3, as on both weapon sets it is a movement skill)

You can get a little more DPS if you use Lynx (it’s really only a smidge) but I like the survivability that Poison offers as it is paired with Predators Cunning. For solo fights when I take some damage I unmerge from the spider as the spider will shoot Poison Gas, if you camp ShortBow when you shoot through the Poison Cloud you siphon health. I love this build, camping ShortBow and using the pet as a meat shield you’re still sitting on 7k-8k DPS, plus you can run away behind an object heal and let the condition damage still tick and not lose too much DPS. It’s a super forgiving and fun build.

Hope this helps some people and interested in any similar builds you might have.

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