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Eater of Souls Insta-teleport/insta-regen bug?

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So Devs, I hope you're reading this... I have been trying to get through "The Departing" since shortly after PoF launch. When one char. failed, I read the tips and forum notes about how to succeed. Since then I have tried with 3 other chars. Not a one has succeeded. Today, it was with my necro/scourge. Got the Eater of Souls down to 52% health. Lots of dodging, running, pound on the Eater, dodge and run some more. Tiring but fun. Then,while I'm busy fighting it, the Eater suddenly insta-teleports to its' starting point and insta-regens to 100%. I've heard from others that have had the same issue and this has happened to me more than once. I hope this is a bug; that can be fixed.

Granted, GW2 is an MMORPG so a lot will be group fights and such. But "The Departing" is focused on the instance owner, and party members can only provide minimal assistance. So, even in a party, the instance owner is essentially soloing the instance. So glitches (I'm assuming it is) like this can make the game decidedly UN-fun.

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