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Tutorial - No credit in cooking


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Created a new character to do the new tutorial achievements. So far everything seems to be working EXCEPT cooking. Learned cooking, created items and raised my cooking level to 26 (or so), created a level 5 item, ate it and got NO CREDIT for any the achievements related to cooking. Logged out/back in, still same result.

Edit: If it helps, is a human character in Divinity's Reach.

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The latest update (at 5pm ish central US time) did fix the ability to complete interest in food (thanks for that!) but it still does not give credit for crafting or eating the foods - I am getting sick of beetletun eggs! D: please fix as these last two things are all I have left on the tutorial achievement! TYVM

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Post update fix: Now working. Followed instructions to deactivate/reactivate.

@Tazzer.8035 said:FYI - my bad, beetletun eggs are from a recipe sheet and apparently only discovered recipes count. For anyone else having the issue, try a hamburger (loaf of bread, slab of red meat) - works perfectly!

Thanks Tazzer! I was also binging on beetletun eggs to no avail. Went and discovered hamburger as per your suggestion and it worked. Thanks again.

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