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Drakkar minion stuck in wall and Firebrand mantra charges bug

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Sorry if already reported, I'm sure this happens to a lot of us . This Drakkar issue has happened to me more than once in the last week.During Drakkar phase where Jhavi is laser beaming the ice wall to break it and we have to protect her, enemies summoned can be knocked back into the walls and disappear. One occasion, the wall that Jhavi is shooting at.Firebrand bug that only happens during Drakkar meta or in that area, where your mantra charges will bug "Visually".You will use your charges and sometimes when there is only 1 charge , it will display as 2 charges, and I will use it thinking I have 2 charges but then the mantra goes on cooldown because there was only 1 charge left, even though it saids 2.This firebrand bug happens every time I do drakkar meta.

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