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[NA] [Casual] [PvE] [WvW] [FC] Just Us Grownups [JUGs] is looking for members!

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Our guild, Just Us Grownups [JUGs], is in many ways similar to other adult guilds out there: *We're a casual NA PvE guild for folks of all genders, age 30 and older, who want to get together and play the game in a drama-free environment**. What really sets us apart is how we've chosen to run the guild. For one thing...we don't have officers.

Yep, we did away with them. In [JUGs] it's the members themselves that run the guild. They're the ones who have free access to the guild's resources: they have open access to the guild bank; they can kick off guild missions whenever they want; they can post events on the calendar and it's their collective vote that makes the decisions for the guild. There are two guild leaders who help facilitate this process but it's the membership that is the guild's voice.

When you think about it, we're all adults here. We know how to "play nice with others" and that you don't need officers to tell you how to play a video game together. We all just want to take a break from real life and have fun with some friends; you don't need a guild with a bureaucratic hierarchy to accomplish that. All you really need is the right guild with the right people.
Here's the basic rundown of what we have to offer:

  • A friendly membership comprised of a balanced mix of genders
  • A welcoming atmosphere for players of all backgrounds and skill levels
  • A fully upgraded guild hall (Gilded Hollow)
  • A feature and resource-rich website with an event calendar that anyone can use
  • A Discord server with multiple chat and voice channels
  • A leadership which is always available to listen (anonymously if desired) and to help

Here's what we want you to bring to the guild:

  • A good-natured, positive and respectful personality
  • Regular social interaction (e.g. Discord, guild chat, etc.) with other members of the guild
  • Active participation in events whether by joining them or leading them

If this approach to running a guild sounds like something you'd like to be a part of and you want to apply to our guild "click here":http://jugs-guild.com/site_applications/newAs part of the application process you will be asked to create a free Shivtr account (if you don’t have one already).*
If you're intrigued, but want more information about the guild and how it's run, here are links to:"Our Charter":http://jugs-guild.com/pages/our_charter"Our Code of Conduct":http://jugs-guild.com/pages/guild_code_of_conduct"[JUGs] How the Guild is Run":http://jugs-guild.com/pages/how_the_guild_is_run

…and of course, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them here or contact us in-game.
Gridt, DragonProphet.4286Zalddi, sirrahxdanu.7562
See you in game!

*Just Us Grownups has a sister WvW guild called Jugheads,[JUGs]. Membership is exclusive to Just Us Grownups members. If you’re a WvWer and looking for the same friendly atmosphere, then come and join us. Jugheads has its own guild hall (Windswept Haven) that is nearly max level. When you apply, you’ll be asked if you wish to join Jugheads. Jugheads runs on Ferguson’s Crossing.

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We are a guild sisterhood of 6 smaller guilds. We cooperate by hosting mutual events, allowing them to be bigger and more successful, which in turn increases member activity and retaining members in your guild.

Our server: 1 rule gw2 rpRP: Casualhttps://discord.gg/xRJs7JH

Here are our sister guilds:Note that we are also accepting non-RP guilds, we already have 1!Please tell them Zach sent you

Rata's PizzusHumorous RPhttps://discord.gg/8rPPA2P

The Grizzly GuardholmeRP: Casual eventshttps://discord.gg/HMkGaat

Tyria's Second FinestDiscord RP only, brand new continent to explore!https://discord.gg/WGUH2xG

The Shifting SandsElona/PoF-regions Heavy RP-focusedhttps://discord.gg/cBEmsUy

Order of the Dragon KnightsNon-RP: Rebuilding old guildhttps://discord.gg/rtwJ3Dx

Please contact us to become a sister guild!

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One of the great things about being in a guild is having folks to join you doing game content, whether it's for some help, or just for fun. [JUGs] is a very sociable guild, and we take that a step further. It's not unusual to find several people in Discord just chatting it up, and doing completely different things in the game. In fact, very often there are folks in Discord who aren't even playing GW2 at the time -- they're just there to enjoy the company and be sociable.

Fill out an application and come join a great group of sociable, friendly people you can hang out with while you're playing GW2 (and even when you're not playing GW2).

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Sometimes it can be pretty tough completing those achievements that require you to kill the boss in a really short time, avoid getting hit, or could really use the capabilities of a particular profession. Well, you can easily complete those achievements with help from your friends in [JUGs] -- and have a lot of fun doing it.

Our guild members are always ready to lend a hand, and you will find that even things that have been a struggle for you in the past, can turn out to be fun when you do them with your friends in [JUGs].

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Looking forward to Super Adventure Box, but know it's dangerous to go alone? Don't! Apply to [JUGs] and you can always have friends to watch your back.

Our friendly members and no-pressure, anti-drama atmosphere make it easy to round up some helpful guildies to assist with whatever you might be working on at the moment. Conquering King Toad or farming the Kourna meta for sweet, sweet loot? Bounties? Masteries? Guild Missions? Dungeons? Fractals? Yup. We do that!

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Have you ever been playing GW2 and been kicked from a group because you made a few mistakes or were going a bit slow while you were learning a new character profession? Well, you won't have to experience that in [JUGs]. We're all about enjoying each others' company and having fun while we're playing the game -- and we have players at all experience levels, and often have events that get tailored for beginners or where skill level isn't that important. For us, the most important thing is to have a good time.

If you're looking for a guild where you can really enjoy yourself, and have the chance to play the game with guildmates at a skill level you're comfortable with, then [JUGs] might be just what you're looking for. Check us out.

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Real Life always comes first in [JUGs], so if you ever have to bail on an event or can't attend something you've signed up for because something's come up, we understand. No [JUGs] guild member is ever made to feel awkward because they need to take care of real-life priorities.

Learn more about us on our website and fill out an application if you think [JUGs] might be the guild for you.

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[JUGs] is a fully-upgraded guild, and when new guild upgrades become available, one of the first things we do is come up with a plan to get them all. Then we work together as a team to get them done. The best part is that there is never any pressure for anyone to donate their time or materials for the upgrades. We simply identify what we need as a guild to accomplish the goal, and our members contribute what/when they can.

Come be part of the [JUGs] team. Visit our website and fill out an application.

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[JUGs] will be hosting a Bounty Hunting night this week on Wednesday May 20 in the Desert Highlands. We'll be opening up the squad to all who wish to join. If you'd like to come see how much fun we have as a guild or would like to get to know us better before you join, please come out and tag along. We will be starting out at the 1st board right at Server Reset. We will be clearing all 3 boards with small breaks between the boards to top up your drinks ;)

Just a side note: If Anet decides that there will be a Daily for bounty hunting in one of the 4 other PoF zones, we'll switch to that zone since that's where everyone will be. Look for the green tag ( Aingeal Dorchadais )

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If you're looking for a casual PvE guild of adults that isn't a cookie-cutter copy of other guilds, then [JUGs] might be the perfect guild for you. We've done away with complicated rules and hierarchies of leaders. Instead, we've put the main focus on what we really are all about: Having a good time playing Guild Wars 2 and hanging out with our guild-mates.

Our two leaders keep things running smoothly and for the guidelines that we do have, most would consider them common courtesy. If you'd like to learn more about us, we invite you to visit our website and fill out an application.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them here or send them to us with in-game mail.

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