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Swimming Problems

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I am not able to swim up and down in water in GW2, and turn at the same time. I can swim up and down in a straight line, but if I turn, I stop going up or down, and start swimming level. I start by aiming the camera straight up or down, then press "W" to swim. If I have to turn left ("A") or right ("D") while doing so, I swim level instead of up or down. Then I have to stop and restart swimming in order to go up or down. How can this be fixed? There are no hardware issues with my computer and my video driver is up to date.

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You're right. It was a bug report. The closest thing to this issue I saw was this:

@Jennifer.4902 said:Also having this problem. My mouse is fine, other games run fine. This happened after the latest Nvidia Experience update. It was running the latest living story fine before that. I've tried running the game in windowed mode, various resolutions. It's not registering right mouse to pan the camera. It's made the game unplayable. Can't dive down or swim around underneath the surface. Feel like a child playing a game, have to stop and slow-mo turn every time I need to change direction. Cannot turn mid-flight. Cannot turn while running. Have to manually turn in combat. Hopefully, you guys will work on a fix. Thanks!

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