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Currently seeking sister guilds! [ORGR] “1 rule gw2 rp” New CASUAL rp guild.


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1 rule gw2 rp: We do not strictly adhere to lore, we are all skill levels, and we generally do whatever we want. We rp over both in-game or Discord. We have events for every Monday, every Tuesday, etc. We lead a network of guilds working together. We host daily discussion topics and writing prompts. We have a theme, but it is only suggested. Right now the theme is on season-1 and it has to do about the ethical concerns of Asuran experiments. And there is more that we do!


We now have sister guilds!Please tell them Zach sent you

Rata's PizzusHumorous RPhttps://discord.gg/8rPPA2P

The Grizzly GuardholmeRP: Casual eventshttps://discord.gg/HMkGaat

Tyria's Second FinestDiscord RP only, brand new continent to explore!https://discord.gg/WGUH2xG

The Shifting SandsElona/PoF-regions Heavy RP-focusedhttps://discord.gg/cBEmsUy

Order of the Dragon KnightsNon-RP: Rebuilding old guildhttps://discord.gg/rtwJ3Dx

Please contact us to become a sister guild

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