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Tiny guild are looking for members for casual/semi-casual fun times (The Dragonguard [DG])

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Hello all.As the title says, tiny guild with a casual/semi-casual playstyle are currently looking for members to join the ranks and have fun.We don't have a lot to offer in terms of charging through achievements, WvW, PvP and so on, but what we can offer is a friendly community and members willing to have fun. We are open for WvW, PvP and other such things if people would like that though at first, we'd like a Guild Hall (nope, we don't have one, three people apparently aren't enough to claim one). We accept all players, new and veterans and everything in between. :)I don't really know what more to say about the guild. I'm not very good at advertising, besides that we'd love to have people to hang out with and enjoy the game with.

If anyone's interested, you can message me (Little Miss Evil.1537) for an invite in-game. :)

I hope to see some new faces ready to have fun above all else.

As a passing note, I would like to make it clear that if you're looking for an awesome guild with a "we'll kick this World Boss' behind in two seconds" we aren't what you're looking for. :P We are just here to have fun and enjoy the game (even Griffonrook Run ;)) and are seeking like-minded players who's semi-active. :)

Cheers,Little Miss Evil

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Hi there, I read your message and realized that it seems awfully similar to the kinds of messages I put out when recruiting for my tiny/casual guild. I understand that starting your own group can be very special people, but if you are interested in joining forces, I would love to accept you and your guild members into Better Together Sometimes [TIME]. We are also a very small guild that has members doing a mix of fractals, pve, wvw, pvp, and more. Typically I tell ppl that the only rule for joining is to be friendly, and that the general culture is semi active ppl that organically group together. I am trying to push the group to be a Bit more social, however, and some fresh friendly faces may be just what we need. And we do have a guild hall, only lvl 11, but I'd be honored for you and the rest of DG to call it home. Let me know if you are interested in joining TIME. :)

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We are a guild sisterhood of 6 smaller guilds. We cooperate by hosting mutual events, allowing them to be bigger and more successful, which in turn increases member activity and retaining members in your guild.

Our server: 1 rule gw2 rpRP: Casualhttps://discord.gg/xRJs7JH

Here are our sister guilds:Note that we are also accepting non-RP guilds, we already have 1!Please tell them Zach sent you

Rata's PizzusHumorous RPhttps://discord.gg/8rPPA2P

The Grizzly GuardholmeRP: Casual eventshttps://discord.gg/HMkGaat

Tyria's Second FinestDiscord RP only, brand new continent to explore!https://discord.gg/WGUH2xG

The Shifting SandsElona/PoF-regions Heavy RP-focusedhttps://discord.gg/cBEmsUy

Order of the Dragon KnightsNon-RP: Rebuilding old guildhttps://discord.gg/rtwJ3Dx

Please contact us to become a sister guild!

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