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The Quaggan Team [QxT] level 56 social guild, is recruiting friendly and helpful players!


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Hi!The Quaggan Team [QxT] is a level 56 social guild. But what does that mean? We are a guild that focuses as much on playing as we do on the well being of the players. We have players from all over the world, some prefer pve (raids, fractals, dungeons, open world), others prefer pvp (ranked or not), some even wvw, and if we're doing the same thing, why not do it together, why not help each other?

You can be new or experienced in the game, as long as you're friendly, helpful and respectful, you'll be more than welcome! We despise prejudice of any kind.

Are you looking for a guild to call home?Look no further. Be a part of The Quaggan Team!

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