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steel and fire tank bug?

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just a question, doing the new strike mission and using the tank, i wasnt able to use the skill 2 while in the tank, only autoattak, , the harpoon and the smoke granade, is there anything i'm missing? (just before you point it out, yes, i had ammo) but no matter how many times i pressed the key the skill didn shoot, they only way to make it shoot is by clicking in the skill, but that only shoot it to my feets, my keybind for skill 2 is the "Q"

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Is that hotkey also used by one of your mount skills? I have that issue with the tank, my 2 is also mount skill 2. Because the tank is a mount it seems to break the proper action. War Eternal had the same exact problem with the Aurine mounted sequence but got around it by clicking. With skill 2 in the tank being ground targeted, I no longer have that option here.

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