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searching for inspiration and all the achievements

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I'm a player who tries to find things all by myself and refuse to use guides, because they take away the fun.But in this case im forced to use guides, because its impossible to do without spending plenty hours for a tiny side-achievement.

To find a tiny book, with NO yellow description in a big ass area full of random objects, is an impossible achievement for people with bad eyesight!

Also in many other cases the game is not even do-able without research on the internet lately and i really dislike this.The last 6 years i did all the achivements 100% and it was fun. But since the last year with every patche and every new achivement collection, i found it less and less fun to do them and never finished all.It is to grindy and bald and the rewards are nothing so special that i want them badly and work hard for it.

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