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fix mail carrier react pls

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i bought new hounds of balthazar mail carrier for 60 lion statuetes yesterday but it almost never react when i get mail and ppl say it should also react when i use tp but its never happens so i ask to fix it pls coz i bought it for nice animation effect but i cant even see it happening on purpose.

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for example a day i bought i asked ppl to send me mail to see how it works and of 4 mails animation happened once or most twice and later when i get mail again it didnt happened. also said me to try tp so when i buy it not happened coz maybe it shouldnt when buy i dont know but when i was trying to sell a lot things it seems it happened like always so im not sure for emails it was lag or something but when sell at tp it happened like always but for email its like just a chance will happen or not.

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