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Mount Run Speeds?

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Thanks. That's kind of over-kill, but it does help. I was actually looking for something much simpler, just a comparison of the base run speeds. So, I did my own testing with the 3 mounts that I currently own. Here's what I found:

Percent run-speed increase on level ground versus running on foot:

  • Raptor: ~100%
  • Springer: ~100%
  • Skimmer: ~100%

In each case, I did not use any speed buffs and I did not jump. I just pressed "W" and followed a relatively straight path on land from point A to point B. I presume the Jackal will be similar once I obtain it. Not sure about the griffon.

My conclusion: It's the special abilities (like canyon jump for raptor, or other terrain-navigating abilities on the other mounts) that give the real differentiating speed boost to specific mounts in specific circumstances. But in terms of base run speed, all the mounts basically run at the same speed, which is twice as fast as you run on foot.

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