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Protection, Weakness, and fine tuning on some classes


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First of all Revenant, Necromancer, Ranger, and Guardian need toned down.

Revenant: Far too much access to resistance as well as torment in Mallyx. Currently any condition based class that is not a Mallyx Revenant in a 2v2 instantly brings the game to a 1v2. Don't remove the resistance but either limit the access to it to the stunbreak and facet, or give it the good old mesmer treatment of stabiity to 1 second. Also, Infuse Light needs looked at. I don't mind the heal on all damage like warriors' stance, but heals such as these need a cap on the amount that they heal, it goes beyond just "Don't attack when you see it" because if the rev is loaded with conditions and has no resistance, it still heals through the roof. The overall torment needs to be cut down by a decent margin, not quite half, but not more than half to not ruin the spec all together. Either remove the amount that can be applied, or remove some of the chill on the utilities to prevent spam.

Necromancer: Their biggest culprit is Signet of Undeath with the Spite signet mastery trait. In 2v2's where you have a strict time to finish off the opponents, there should not be a trait that allows a revive every 18 seconds. Keep the signets work while in shroud to not ruin the build but remove the signets recharge in shroud option from the skill. That is far too imbalanced and it ruins 2v2's. Lich form... The issue with Lich form is that it shuts down bunker builds without reflect in just a few hits while running a bunker amulet. The duration is one thing, but the flat damage needs cut down hard. Give it the rampage treatment.

Ranger: With core Ranger running marksman, you can trait to where your pets deal upwards of 15,000 damage. To fix this, remove the ability to share Attack of Opportunity and Opening strike with your pet. There is very little counterplay to it if you're using the Raven, Owl, etc. Reduce the damage of Sic'em for the pet to 25% instead of 40%.Druid: The amount of immobilize this class brings to condition Ranger is far too overtuned. There aren't enough condition clears for classes to cleanse to remove the immobilize as well as the poison, bleed, confusion (krait runes) burning, etc. Either severely cut down on the duration of the immobilize applied from Ancient Seeds, or put a hefty ICD on it.

Guardian: Symbolic Power, keep the damage increase but remove the ability to charge your Justice passive effect twice as fast. Paired with Permeating Wrath which gives your Justice passive 3 attacks to hit, it ends up with ridiculous amounts of burn effectively making it a condition burst class.Permeating Wrath: Remove the amount of hits needed for the Justice passive, keep the aoe burn.Firebrand: Give mantras a cooldown between each use, not a long one, but enough to prevent the spam. Something like any ammo skill on other classes, like 5 seconds.

Finally, we have Protection and Weakness. These changes should be made especially because of how dominant condition is in PvP. Conditions have an insane passive gameplay and have almost no consequences while using them, unlike power which is why I'm suggesting this.

Protection: In addition to decreasing damage by 33% it should now decrease condition damage by 33%. Classes with options to do this currently need their traits reworked to prevent a bunker against condition meta.

Weakness: Instead of a % chance to deal 50% less power damage, change this condition to a flat -33% power damage and -33% condition damage. Condition and power classes should feel a need to cleanse this immediately instead of condition classes ignoring it all together.

These are my thoughts on how to balance and help PvP as a whole, feel free to post your suggestions and thoughts in the comments.

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