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A way to 'purify' weapons of the Broken Voice?

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Hello! first time posting in general. This is more of a suggestion then anything, though for lack of a place to put suggestions I decided to place this here. I really like the model for the Weapons of the Broken Voice, the interesting variations on what I think might be Furthark in the rotating circles and I actually like the golden color scheme for the base item, but I was curious how people would feel about putting in some way to make those weapons with the original blue tint? I certainly would like it for my guardian and it always felt a little detatched how the highest tier item in the illuminated set wasn't crafted, but rather a drop from a world boss.

Perhaps have it so when you get Drakkars Hoard and select an appropriate item you get a recipe to pair with it, and if you've done the illuminated weapons thusfar you can get some kind of collection or what have you that gives you a blue tinted version of the Broken Voice weapons? Perhaps even fill in a little of the lore behind them. They look like Jotun weapons and im somewhat curious about that.

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