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Game Update Notes: April 1, 2020

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  • ArenaNet Staff

04/01/2020—April 1 Release Notes

Living World

The Sunbeam Throne reaches out to the heroes of Tyria! A mysterious letter in an unknown language has been sent to the commander; what perilous yet entirely optional distractions await our hero for the week of April 1 to April 7?

World Polish

Due to increased popularity, Metal Legion shows will now require tickets. Tickets can be purchased through the Blood Legion Supply Office and are available for shows up to a month in advance.


Bosses in the open world now add "the II," "Jr.," and so on after their names when respawning to make it clear that the enemies don't just magically return to life.

Merchants now have a daily gold limit for purchasing items.

Personal Story

Home-instance NPCs will now complain that you never call or visit.

Corrected missing dialogue lines in the asura, norn, and quaggan romance options.

Norn characters can now choose Jormag as their Spirit of the Wild guardian during character creation.


Minis can now be sorted by cuteness in the Hero panel.

Mostly-Digested Boots can now be consumed.

Profession Skills


All professions now have a unique reaction skill that appears for a fraction of a second during certain events.

The window of time for clicking the reaction skill is decreased based on account age, because OG players should be really good at the game by now.

The taunt condition now lasts until the player types a retort in the chat panel.


Reaction Skill: Surprise Attunement can be used to complete certain event objectives in the open world, including watering crops, partying, and entertaining cows.

Weavers can now swap from tailoring to a second crafting profession while outside of combat.


Reaction Skill: Engineering Solution can be used to solve math problems, correct flawed structural designs, or resolve various issues if they occur within close range of the engineer.

Engineer skills that create or utilize mechanical tools now require scrap metal on use. Scrap metal drops from some enemies when they are defeated.


Reaction Skill: Virtue of Prudence can be used to automatically select the most morally defensible option in branching dialogues.

The dragonhunter specialization has been renamed It's Complicated to reflect the Living World story.

To resolve littering complaints, firebrand tome skills must now be retrieved page by page before reuse.


Reaction Skill: An Illusion This Whole Time can be used to restart the current story chapter and leave other characters baffled by your trickery.

Attempting to use a shatter skill with no illusions now shatters a random character in the current map, prioritizing unnamed and nonplayer characters.


Reaction Skill: Fast Resurrection can be used to revive dead story characters if the player finds the body within one story chapter of their demise.

Characters in the open world and PvP will now react with terror at the sight of any necromancer pets.


Reaction Skill: Positive Reinforcement can be used to praise your pet after they do well and ruffle their cute little ears (or whatever they have if it's, like, a jellyfish or something).

Pets must now be kept on a leash while within any major city.


Reaction Skill: Legendary Commander Stance can be used to attune the player to their own legendary deeds, freezing the player unless there is a nearby engineer who uses their reaction skill to break the recursive loop.

Revenant legends now have tag-out dialogue with each other based on which legends are being swapped.


Reaction Skill: Pickpocket can now be used to steal minor items from other characters and players.

Steal: This skill now requires free inventory space to use.


Reaction Skill: Dual Wield allows up to two warriors to be wielded at once by another player.

Berserker armor penalty has been increased to -3,000.

Structured Player vs. Player

Following the success of Swiss tournaments, we will be gradually rolling out tournaments in other regions of the world.

World vs. World

Matches will now take place between two servers. A third server will act as impartial observers and judges during the match.

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