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Looking for static raidgroup!

Non Sens.8095

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Hello everyone,

I am looking for a NON-TOXIC, experienced static raidgroup that does a weekly fullclear, beginning at one of the following times:

Wednesday (from 6 PM MESZ)Thursday (from 6 PM MESZ)Saturday (from 5/6 PM MESZ)(Thuesday (from 7 PM MESZ))

The tuesday is the only not 100% safe day in the week, but I can play on all the other mentioned days, I can also participate later as the told time, if required.

I am experienced with all bosses, and have both armor collections completed. Also working on "Demon's Demise"-title for which only Deimos is missing.

My main raidclass is cPS, but I am exercising other classes such as Condi Soulbeast and DPS Chrono (my worst class so far^^).I am capable of speaking English and German and will join Discord or Teamspeak for the raids.

PS.: I am also interested in everydays static T4 + 99CM + 100CM.

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