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Mac Game Client not loading

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I have an intermittent problem in that my game client just bounces in the dock and doesn't load. The only way it will load is if I go through a full "Terminal" repair "/Applications/Guild\ Wars\ 2\ 64-bit.app/Contents/MacOS/GuildWars2 -repair"

This seems to happen every few days...Any ideas?

Valderagare - Condi SoulbeastSea of Sorrows

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I found the same issue this morning. And I ended up discovering that for me it was a firewall issue. I had to go into my firewall settings and give gw2 direct permission to receive information from the net. Something with the new Mac OS Catalina update seems to have messed with Guild Wars 2's ability to communicate with the Anet servers through the private firewall of the computer. Hope this helps.

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