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Looking for a laid back guild [NA][TC][PVE/PVX]


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Hey all, returning player been back for about a month or so after a 6 month break. Looking for a good group of people to play with, I mainly do PvE, fractals, meta events, and such, haven't gotten into raiding yet, but am willing to learn if wanted. Occasionally dabble in PvP and WvW but they aren't my main focus, and as such am not the best at either. Willing to help other players if they need or to just group up for general nonsense and screwing around when bored. Pretty much i'm just getting tired of running around solo all the time and it would be great to have a few other players to join in and chat with from time to time.

Thanks, Slaq.

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Hey, we're on SoR, but there's no pressure to transfer anytime soon (and only for joining us in WvW) since SoR is linked to TC.

A bit about us:We're just looking for active people who want to play everything GW2 has to offer. Laid back in almost every aspect. We have plans to put together a 10 person WvW/GvG group, also have plans for daily dungeon running/raid groups. [GoPK] Guild of the Primeval Kings is a new guild made up of a few old players from launch of the base game. We used to be in an old WvW guild named Feelings Aren't Required[FEAR]. We need officers who are experienced in PvE/WvW/sPvP. Must be able to show knowledge of basic META builds. So if you're interested, shoot me a message on here or message us in game. DonFoe.9604 or LostBalloon.6423Additionnal info: We have a guild hall & a discord is available.

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Hi there Slaq! Please consider checking out our community at www.remnantsofhope.com!

We have a diverse player base of helpful people ranging from veterans to new and returning players, and we do events throughout the week for everyone to join in! We're located on Tarnished Coast for those interested in WvW!

Some of the things we offer are:• PvE events including (but not limited to) map completion, HP trains, PvE grab bags, fractals (beginning and beyond), jump puzzles, and we're gathering a raid team!• PvP events (sPvP and WvW (must be on Tarnished Coast for WvW)• RP events• Guild Hall• Active Discord• Friendly, helpful, and inclusive community

If you have any questions feel free to message me here or in game! Hope you have a wonderful day!

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