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Performance Problems on the MacBook Pro 16 Inch

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Hey guys,

I recently bought the MacBook Pro 16 inch with the AMD Radeon 5500M and 32GB of ram. I run the latest MacOs Updates.Today I installed the 64bit client for OS X of GW2 but instead of just running smooth on medium to higher settings, the performance lurks at around 20 fps. I do not really understand that. May there be any software/programming bottleneck and is there a fix for it?

Best regards

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Dear Crenshaw,I don't know a lot about Macbooks, but this might help:Always game with your laptop plugged in, set power profiles to something like "prefer performance" and also make sure GW2 is utilizing the dedicated GPU and not the integrated GPU:)! (It's also a good thing to check temperatures and clock speeds to see if you're not throttling)This advice is based on windows laptops but it should be the same for macbooks. Also set character model limit on low because that one can eat FPS;)!I hope this can help :D!

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