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LFGuild [AUS] [NA] [PvE] [semihardcore]


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Hey, I'm an Australian player that has been playing on and off for 5 years or so and me and my friend of similar playtime are keen to join an Aus guild.We currently play a fair bit since we're stuck inside all day but will probably drop our playtime a bit once things get back to normal.

I've got 700 hours (5k~ achievement points) in this game but have never had anything to do with any guilds. I've been getting into fractals lately and would be keen to start learning some raids and some higher tier fractals.My server is IoJ but I'm not very invested in WvW so server doesn't really matter to me. My main is mesmer but I also have a rev that I run for fractals as well as a couple other ungeared characters (engi, guardian, thief). My friend mains ranger and his other characters are guardian, rev, warrior.

We're also just keen to make some friends since none of ours play Guild Wars

Usernames: Rizeo.7458 (me)brekie.3754 (ma bud)

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