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UI-Bug or Feature? "Weapon type unsusable for your profession" while mounted...

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After completing cursed shore map on my Engineer (Vanilla) I 'dropped' a Harpoon Gun from the chest.The tooltip however stated in red that this "Weapon type unsusable for your profession. Much to my surprise, even the tooltip for the equipped Harpoon Gun stated this - but not only for the Harpoon gun - in fact for all/every weapon (usable on engi) in Inventory or equipped...This changed when I unmounted. All back to normal.Upon remounting tooltips read again "Weapon type unsusable for your profession"Clearly the game wants to tell me "you can't equip a weapon while mounted" - but i think it shouldn't choose this way.On other occasions -like being in combat- iirc this is done in another way...

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