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[OCX] LF guild: PvX & raids (Blackgate)


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About me:

  • I play every day and generally do everything depending on my mood. My timezone is UTC +12, but I often log on at various other times as well (most importantly, late EU time).
  • I can use Discord (both listen & speak).
  • I most consistently WvW, but I'm happy with playing solo or joining another guild's zerg. A lot of the time I roam, and this is actually why I'm looking for a guild: I want to be able to claim objectives. I don't have to be able to use tactics (I already have lots from some of my other guilds), but a max guild objective aura is pretty important to me. The guild does not have to be on Blackgate; in fact not being Blackgate-based is probably preferable just so I can claim more objectives without conflict.
  • One thing I'm particularly interested in doing is raids. So far I'm pretty familiar with several of the easier bosses (W1 & W4 especially, with a few others) but I would like to learn the rest. So far for raiding I have an Elementalist (all builds), power Necro, condi Warrior and Druid, but will be able to gear anything else that's needed pretty quickly (although getting familiar with the builds will take time). I don't expect to be welcome in groups until I'm familiar with the roles, and am usually OK if someone else wants to play since I can always do something else.
  • I will rep roughly 20% of the time. This is because I have five guilds so each gets about 20% rep (it could be closer to 25% now since one of the guilds is inactive).
  • There are a few players whom I cannot accept as a guildmate. I will not name them publicly, but they are all Blackgate WvW players.
  • No anti-science members please (I left a previous guild where someone said climate change is a hoax engineered by scientists, with no regrets).

If your guild has any requirements, let me know.

Message me here or in-game. Thanks!

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