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Current Status of Stereoscopic Rendering

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I've seen the topic come up multiple times, but nothing very recent. What is the current (April 2020) state of stereoscopic rendering in Guild Wars 2?I'd love to play the game in true 3d, but I don't want to throw money at something that may soon be unsupported. I have AMD cards right now, and I'm aware that an NVIDIA card may be required, but that is not my question here. What does the game support? Are stereoscopic VR headsets supported (does the game even know the difference)?

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This is what I found:

Currently, when Stereoscopic Rendering is enabled, targeting effects and certain icons next to the player's health bar do not render correctly, and most ground becomes discolored when Shaders is set to High. Graphic changes often go unannounced when a new game update becomes released, and may change again in future updates.

The Devs are unlikely to post here, especially during these times.

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