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Destroy Vorgas Garrison's Gate event bug(s). Unable to attack gate, NPCs run in circles.

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During the event in the Toughstone area of Fireheart Rise where you escort Agent Tewson to break down the gate to Vorgas Garrison, the gate itself is unable to be attacked by ranged direct damage attacks, as the point on the gate at which the player character will fire is far below ground, leading to every shot being obstructed. The gate can still be damaged by targeted AoE abilities like Barrage, but anything that requires line of site to the center of the object's hitbox is obstructed. Even getting point blank with the gate wouldn't allow me to attack it with my longbow or axe attacks. The hitbox for the gate does extend above ground, so it can be damaged, just not by ranged attacks. Only abilities that deal damage in an AoE seem to work, and only if they do not require line of sight to the target.

This occured for me shortly after 3:00 AM PST while I was running solo on Quatnipp my Lv 69 Sylvari Ranger running Longbow and Axe/Warhorn.

This bug also led to a second bug involving the NPCs you escort for the quest. Because the target point on the gate is below ground, the NPCs could not properly target the gate to attack either. They'd approach the gate, slow to a stop, then turn around and run away from the gate a short distance before re-approaching the gate and repeating the process.

Eventually another player with a melee greatsword showed up and was able to damage the gate by manually spamming his attack abilities, but his auto attack wouldn't trigger on the gate.

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