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LF relaxed Guild on Whiteside Ridge (PvE, casual returning player)

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Hi! Thanks for stopping by.I'm a returning player to guild wars and just learning the ropes again. I would love to find a relaxed guild to join that would accept a returning player who logs on whenever he can.

Happy to participate in guild missions, PVE runs and generally just join your community. (even the odd WvW run!)

Happy to use Discord and Mic for events.

Let me know if you need anything else.

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Hey Shadowheart!

I'm Quietly, it's nice to meet you. Hopefully your week has been going alright. I'm came on over to let you know a little bit about our guild, Remnants of [HOPE]. Before that though, I'm not sure how serious you are about WvW because we aren't on your server so I wanted to be upfront with that right away. We're Tarnished Coast based but for everything besides WvW you should have no issues with doing events. If you aren't worried about WvW content or would be willing transfer should TC open up again, then please keep reading!

Remnants is a [NA] multi-gaming community so GW2 is not the only division we have in our ranks. Due to this we are very structured with leadership and scheduled events. We are casual though! Our goal is to create a positive, inclusive and friendly environment good for all age groups. Past the trial period we con't have (activity) requirements for our members, you will have the freedom to play when and how you want. If this seems like what you're looking for you can find more information on our website https://www.remnantsofhope.com/review/gw2/ OR you can message me personally. I'd be more than happy to answer any questions you have.[HOPE] to hear from you soon!~QuietlyExisting.8361

What we offer as a Community:

  1. A friendly, helpful and inclusive environment.
  2. Active, engaged forums, allowing members to meet people across divisions.
  3. Discord Voice and Text Chat Server.
  4. Freedom to play other divisions and casual games the way you want.
  5. Structured leadership, with officers for each department: PvE, PvP/WvW, RP, Crafting, and Recruitment.
  6. Multiple Games, One Community

What we offer for GW2:

  1. PvE events including (but not limited to) HP and WBs trains, PvE grab bags, fractals (beginning and beyond), jumping puzzles and a team focused on training new raiders!
  2. sPvP events for all experience ranges run by our Mist Officer and his team.
  3. WvW Havoc groups on the Tarnished Coast server.
  4. RP events following our rag-tag group of Remnants Mercenaries.
  5. Themed Holiday events and contests like our Valentine's screenshot challenge
  6. Fully equipped Guild Hall decorated and maintained by our Hall Department
  7. A Crafting Department who offer guidance and help in all things crafty.

What we value in our members:Inclusive AttitudesFriendly NatureMaturityRespectfulPositivityTeam PlayerWillingness to help

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