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☾ [NA][PvX] Twinrovas [ROVA] is recruiting! [Website+Discord][18+][LGBT+ Inclusive] ☽


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Twinrovas is brand new guild created by me to find like-minded people to play Guild Wars 2 with. I wanted to start a brand new guild, one that can be built up from scratch to dive into Path of Fire and any new content to come. I hope to make this a friendly home for anyone who needs people to play the game we all love with. I hope that this guild will feel like a guild you built up and not one that has already been around before.

Our Home Server is Crystal Desert. It is not required that you be on this server, but if you want to do WvW with us, this is where it will be.

Since the guild has started we have grown quite a bit.

  • We have claimed the Lost Precipice as our Guild Hall.
  • We have achieved Level 9.

I'm looking for all kinds of players. Experienced, or new players. If you are new, then I'm more than happy to teach the game to you. I might not know everything there is to know, but with other guild members and a willingness to figure things out, I'm sure we can succeed together.

I'm looking for officers as well. I need people that are honest and kind. People that have a desire to help others. If you are interested in a leadership role, let me know.

I'm also looking for raiders. I want to put together a static raid team and a dynamic raid team.

  • The current planned Schedule is: Friday|Raids @ 6:00PM PST and Saturday|Raids @ 6:00PM PST.
  • The static team will consist of dedicated raiders who want to do full clears 2 nights a week.
  • The dynamic team will be for any other guild members who want to learn raids and work towards more dedicated raiding. For more information on raids please talk to me about it.


1.) Don't be rude to other members. Show them the kindness and respect you would like to receive as well.

2.) This Guild is a free space, so enjoy your time here. 100% rep is not required, but it will be appreciated. This is your Guild to build up, so put in the work if you want to be a part of it.

3.) Freedom of Speech 100% acceptable. However, this does not mean you get to say what you want because you want. Any speech that is hateful or discriminating will be addressed and dealt with. You can share your beliefs and opinions, but you cannot express hate or discrimination on anyone in the guild. Supremacy, Racism, and any other form of directed hate are not allowed.

4.) Cussing and foul language is okay, as long as you are not directing hurtful intent to anybody or group. You can cuss like a drunk sailor, but please be mindful of others. Some words may have affect on certain people.

5.) This is an LGBT+????️‍???? inclusive guild. So, feel free to express yourself for who you are. If you are not accepting of others and refuse to co-operate, it will be dealt with.

6.) No begging for items or gold. We are more than happy to help out with anything you may need, but please don't be greedy. Put in what you want out. Equivalent Exchange is our philosophy here.

7.) Speak up. Let your voice be heard. During meetings share your thoughts and feelings. If you are unable to attend something or are not available at the moment, let us know. Showing that you are listening goes a long way to maintain an active community.

8.) Don't let yourself be bullied and don't bully others. Speak up for yourself against someone you feel is bullying you. Let an officer know if you are having problems. We will do our best to find a peaceful solution. No one will be favored here, not officers, or long time friends. Bullying is absolutely not acceptable.

9.) Discord is not 100% required for everything. However, It will be required for Guild Missions and other activities that benefit from voice communication. You don't have to speak in Discord, as long as you listen that is enough.

Whisper or Mail me in game if you would like to join or fill out an application on our Guild Website here.


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