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Hammer vs GS PvP


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I'm new to warrior but have been doing well with it since PoF release (Mained Rev, but hated the new spec). That being said I see most warriors using GS over Hammer, and I was just wondering why. My build is as follows.


With hammer I feel like the stuns and knockdowns adds more boon hate due to Dispelling Force, and with Loss Aversion, more damage. It also makes me feel like i have more control over a fight. With dagger I have 2 gap closers and a stun, with the shield i have another stun. Then swap to hammer I give vulnerability and 2 more knockdowns. 1v1 I can almost keep my opponent from fighting back. When I'm outnumbered Switching between defense with the shield, AoE knockdowns, and counter I feel like I stay up long enough to give my team advantage on other points.

I was just wondering what benefit I'd have going to GS. I don't feel like it has any more utility over the hammer, and it doesn't work with a build meant to boon steal in my opinion. The only reason I ask is I beat a guard fairly easily earlier and he starting raging about being beat by a bronze build and called me a noob for using a hammer. I'm enjoying the build and it's working for me In Gold 2 (3 depending on if I'm on a win or lose streak), but if I'd be more effective making adjustments, I'm all ears.

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