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current pvp

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guys pvp nead improve a lot there are a lot of ppl using hack drop , paying matches afk ppl etc i think pvp should be solo queue , cause was so much easy to mmr real work cause mr is not working evry one i know say the same thing there should be diferent rank and queue if ppl wana play in duo /teams cause its very hard to win to "pro players " if they duo and ofc i understand no one wana lose games and they duo its something logical , but since we have single leaderbord the queue should be single aswell and not duo , should be a advice in game when you go queue with ppl that are not from tour league cause its kinda sad win 10-11 points and lose 20 points or smthing like that , servers lag same times and disconect people or is hack drop i dont know but the game should have a way of detect this kind of things in a way people dont lose points cause they got hacked or the server crash, ,i think pvp match making is not working cause there is a lot of classes stacks and same of the classes are broken , and makes kinda imposible win the match i dont know how you guys can do this better but pvp nead a eye on it this is just a opinion but i think pvp its not gueting the atencion he nead, other stuff i think should not be in ranked games is legendary trinket etc should be in normal games or torney cause same ppl just go play to guet it and ofc they "dont care " about pvp they just want spam games in ranked and guet the stuff they nead and they ended up "ruin" same games .... tell me what you think guys

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