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Iron Hall [IRON] EU


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By the divine will of our fearsome Lord and Saviour, the Gates of the Iron Hall [iRON] are open again. Only the bold may approach. Only the worthy will be accepted. Praise Joko!We Are Looking for New and old players alike that want to be a part of the guild and help us progress on raids and fractals alike.We are a really old guild at this point and we are looking for some new blood to join a experienced and a funny bunch of people.What we do?We like to slack a lot,but we also do fractals and slowly progressing on raids. And generally derp around in the game :)We also do weekly Guild missions on sundays at 17:00 utc

Whisper: Nabbis.8095, Kishin.1065 or JDC.7238 For more info and questions about the guild :)

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