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Weaver evade abilities queue while channeling Gale/CC instead of interrupting


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Twist of Fate, Riptide and Earthen Vortex all queue if you use them while channeling Gale instead of instantly interrupting your gale cast and activating. This also happens with Polaric Leap but Polaric Leap is less of cast time so it's not as big of a problem. It doesn't happen with Comet but it happens with other skills on other weapons, I haven't tested much though.

If you don't understand what I mean by this, basically if you cast a skill and then you override that skill with an input of a different skill the 2nd skill will either interrupt your first cast and go off or it will queue and go after your first skill is finished. CC skills usually interrupt normal damage abilities instead of queuing because they're often used as a reaction to interrupt an enemy so it's important for it to interrupt your first cast and cast instantly.

However I think evades should take priority over CC skills, meaning that if you are casting a CC skill and you need to use an evade because you don't have dodges, your evade skills should interrupt your channel and go off instantly but they do not when it comes to CC skills.

Also it's not just with Weaver utilities/sword ability, for example on staff if you start casting Static Field (a stun ability) then you're about to get eviscerated and you have no dodges, you quickly swap to fire and try to burning retreat, the burning retreat will only go off after the Static is finished casting. I don't know if this a new interaction or if it's always been this way but it should be changed so that evade skills have priority over CC skills.

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