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[NA] Looking for a raid guild and/or static spot, fractals are welcomed.


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My name is Matheus, aka Alstreim, and i'm a 24 years old guy, hailing from Brazil. I'm currently looking for a guild and/or static spot somewhere to do my runs.Regarding my schedule: My timezone where i live is BRST (which is 1 hour ahead of EDT, 2 hours of EST), so the dream time would be a few hours before the reset, or afternoon on weekdays, or weekends, but i'm willing to start on reset if the group starts on time.

Regarding my experience: I already cleared all bosses more times that i can count, and i also do fractals on a regulars basis.

Regarding my goals: I'm looking to get back to the position i think i deserve to be, which is clearing end-game content efficiently with competent people, spot that i was before having to take a break due to "real life" reasons. Currently working on CM100 Fractal, and Wing 4 CM's, and a few other fancy achievements.

Regarding my personality, what you can expect of me, and what i expect from you: Despite my statement above, i'm no elitist toxic shut-in guy, far from it, i just strive to be the best i can, and i expect the people i play to also do the same. I try my best to follow Bruce Lee teachings and a zen way of life, so if i ever rage at you, i will certainly apologize. I'm always willing to learn, and to teach/be helpful in all ways that i can.

What i play, what's my proficiency on those, and what builds they have:

The armory link of each one of my characters:

Allisviel (Ranger): My main class, and the apple of my eyes. I pretty much expend every resource that i have on making her more strong and fancy. Currently have 3 builds, those being: Power (Berserker), Condi (Viper's), Heal (Magi), all of them have AR to 150, and the condi is almost full infused with the fancy ones (Agony and Stats).


Kuroba Ayako (Thief): My secondary class, it possess two builds, one being Power (Full Infused with stats, but not agony), and Condi. Currently doesn't have the new specialization unlocked, but the highest dps build remains condi daredevil anyways.


Ylysma (Necromancer): The gear is currently incomplete, and the build is outdated due to PoF changes. Doesn't have Scourge unlocked yet.


Tzuhyna (Mesmer): Power build, but due to recent patches, and the change on the way Doubloons works, it's outdated. Doesn't have Mirage unlocked yet. I'm learning this class.


Hiragi Shinoa (Elementalist): Power build, doesn't have weaver unlocked yet. I'm also learning this class.


I'm still working on stuff for my ranger, but after i'm done with it, it's in my plans to update all other classes and practice the ones i need to learn/improve (appreciate any help)

That's pretty much all i have to say, if you want to get in touch with me, you can do so replying to this post or sending a private message on reddit, or:

Alstreim.9507 (In-game)alstreim14@outlook.com (E-mail)

Discord: Alstreim#1818, my personal channel (Chaldea): https://discord.gg/VvK8Shg

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