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[NA][SF][PVX] Kuro Ookami [Kami] is recruiting


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Kuro Ookami used to be a small, Wvw guild, until Hot got out, we started to touch almost every facet of the game. We used to be on Eredon Terrace the first year the game was released, but after that we switch to Sorrow Furnace and have no intention of leaving.

Now Kuro Ookami is a Pvx guild, with a full ugraded guild hall, based on Sorrow Furnace server, We mostly speak English, but we also have French and Latinos members. We might be casual players, but a we have a weekly schedule

  • Wvw
  • Guild mission ( Either in Pve or Wvw )
  • Pve (Story, dungeon, fractal, achivement, ect..)
  • few members in Pvp
  • We are starting to touch a little bit, raids *

You will find us more active during the evening, we are not big, yet, so you will mostly see 20ish members online. All are welcome, new, veteran or returning players and we demand that members represent 100% during the guild activities,

If you are interested or have any question pm Jessy.7482

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