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Sudden severe drop in FPS

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Hey all, I've had no issue usually running GW2 on nicely high graphics options getting 80 - 100FPS in quieter maps and 60ish in Lion's Arch/Divinity Minister's.

Suddenly I'm getting 10-20 FPS everywhere I go, following a Windows 10 update a couple of days ago. Even when optimising graphics for performance, which now knocks everythin to the lowest if the low. Have updated my grapics drivers, checked my CPU and memory usage and anything else I've found recommended while googling the issue over the past few days.

This happened once before after March W10 update, and I took a break for a while. Found a recommendation to turn off Windows' Game Mode and background recording and that worked a treat.

Now following this update it 'feels' like the same issue but Game Mode etc are still toggled off. Anyone else have a similar problem at all? Thanks.

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Couldn't roll back completely (there was a security update it wouldn't let me uninstall) but got rid of two recent updates and can now play GW2 again \o/

Thanks for the help. It obviously is something to do with the W10 update. Not sure what, but at least this is a solution. Hopefully someone else will find this helpful too :)

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