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[NA][PvX] HoT Raid Static - Looking For Raiders:


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Hello! We are looking for raiders experienced in W1-4 and have an interest in W5-7 progression to fill our roster. If you're interested, please read through to the end!

We are looking for people that can fulfil one of the following roles:

BRS (Bannerslave):

  • Must be able to play both Power and Condition.
  • Must be able to hit at least 85% of either SC or LN benchmarks.


  • For Power: Must be able to play any two power classes.
  • For Condition: Must be able to play MIR and/or CHR. Any more is a bonus.
  • Must be able to hit at least 85% of either SC or LN benchmarks.

Current Schedule:

  • Raids are held on: WED+FRI+SUN
  • Consists of two days for clearing, and one day for training/progression runs.
  • Time: 00:00 UTC to 02:30 UTC (At Reset for 2.5hrs max)


  • We are a semi-hardcore (looking into doing tryhard speedrunning strats) guild looking for likeminded people who are interested in always improving and trying out new raid strats.
  • Flaming/insulting guild/squad members will not be tolerated as we do not want a toxic environment in our runs. However, constructive criticism is always welcome and encouraged.
  • You are expected to show up to raid times on time, please respect the squad's time.

If you’re interested or considering, join our discord!


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