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Impossible to progress campaign

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I have been playing GW2 for a while with my wife and we both noticed that during the campaign quests that if you disconnect we loose all progress. I though well it is ok most quests are quite fast so we just quickly repeat and should be ok, maybe just a hiccup. Of course this is not the case, on longer quests, the issue repeats almost indefinately, specially after cutscenes, we tried checking our internet connection, no issues, we resrtarted both computers and even had the other Host the quest just in case that made a difference, and not really the problem persists and repeats. Currently i am stuck for over 2 weeks, on the quest The Departing, where every time we manage to get to the last cut scene the game just Disconects us, without a doubt.

I have been told that players try all gimmicks to try to fix this by playing window mode and using skills, or skipping cutscenes. Well this cutscene can't be skipped, can't use skills and i play in window mode already. So how can me and my wife move from this point if the game is bugged and kicks you out and forces you to restart again and again.

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