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Edgelordium [Edge], EU, PvX, Far shiverpeaks small but growing


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Hello there forums!Me and a few of my friends made a guild a while back and we realize that something is missing, so we come here instead of non stop spaming the /m chat to try to get your attention.Our guild is as the title sugest small to say the least and we are looking for new people to both breathe life into the guild and eventually to claim a hall for us to call home.The guilds current focus is PvE or rather open world, levling and the ocational fractal but we want to branch out into WvW and regular PvP aswell.For now the goals are a bit vague but we want the guild to choose it's path together and hopefully sometime soon we will have enough people to get the guild events going.But that's enough rambeling for now, if you have any intrest feel free to send me a message in game or repply to the post, my IGN is PaGGs.2183 and I can usually be found online on Delicious Burger runing laps around LA.With that I will eagerly await your response.

P.S. We have no restrictions based on expansion or experience.

P.P.S. I could use help leading the guild so if you are intrested tell me and I will concider you for officer.

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