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Bjora Marches Unplayable Due To Screen Freezing

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What's the deal with this game constantly having issues? Right now I can't even get my masteries and xp in Bjora Marches because the screen keeps freezing ever couple seconds for up to 3 seconds during fights. And as you know, you get attacked a lot out there. I just finished a ticket with you guys for another problem and there is nothing wrong with my system or network. We have been over this yet this game continues to have really bad frame rate on too many maps and then freezing like this in BM map. Tonight I decided to run a continuous ping while trying to play to see if there are any disconnects on my end. Not a single packet loss, yet Bjora keeps freezing every few seconds. I fired up 3 more games SWTOR, ESO, Warframe, and not a stutter in those. This is getting really old, and at this point I'm not sure if I should bother spending anymore money on it. I can run other modern demanding games without any issues but With GW2 some maps just make me feel like I am trying to play it on a VIC-20 . Are these guys even working on this problem here in Bjora Marches?

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