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Zephyrite Weapon Unlocks


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Dear GW2 staff,

Could we please have more chances/an easier way to unlock the zephyrite sun-blessed weapons set? I actually really like most of them. The space marine looking weapons in divinity's reach don't really do anything for me even though we can unlock a lot more of those. I know we can craft the zephyrite gauntlets any time of year and buy the helmets, and you can get all three of the catchers easily enough if you really want to, but it takes like five days to get a single zephyrite weapon and the festival only lasts three weeks. I would really love a reasonable way to get all of those within one festival since a year is a really really long time. Thank you for your consideration!

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@MASSIVELOAD.5238 said:My thoughts exactly. Way too convoluted a way to get these weapons. Even the process of unlocking them is clunky and badly designed. I understand some rewards are supposed to be harder to get than others, but this is ridiculous.

Yeah. Like if I like them, I should be able to collect them within one year and not five. So far I have one. It looks like I'm going to have to choose three for now, and hopefully they'll make a way to unlock the rest. I guess I'll get the staff, mace, and greatsword for this festival and then hopefully there will be a reasonable way to get the rest before next year. Do the devs just want to see everyone with Sovereign and hate looking at Zephyrite or something? I'm sure they don't hate Zephyrite skins, but based on how hard it is to get them, they might as well. Like, it's easier to get the whole set of every generation of legendary weapons than the whole set of zephyrite sun-blessed skins. Sheesh.

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