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Proposition for Guild Hall Level 80

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I propose a Guild Hall Level-Up to Guild Level 80 (like the characters):

  1. From the maximum level of 6985 to the new maximum of 8000 it would take exactly 29 level-ups with 35 GXP each.
  2. The Arena could really use some upgrades: There is a programmed PvP and a programmed WvW arena, it would be nice to implement this in the Guild Hall. So you could select which kind of arena you want, with all the stats corresponding to the selected arena automatically applied by entering it. You already have the PvE arena, then you could select the WvW arena with the WvW stats already in place like in the Armistice Bastion, or you could select the PvP arena with the PvP stats.It could be a switch or something else to level, so you get access to it, and it could use up some of the levels.
  3. There are some other things that could use some level up, that would really help with using the Guild Hall more, like Crafting Stations for all trades and a Black Lion Trading Post at the workshop.The maximum of 29 level-ups with 35 GXP each should be an obtainable goal.Feel free to suggest other realistic and useful things to level up.
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