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[NA][Fractal][Dungeons] Fractal Static LF 2 Multi-role


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Hallo! My name is Sally and I - with some friends, are looking to fill a Fractal Static group. Sometimes we like to go do dungeons as well for fun. We are looking for individuals that self-analyze and have a drive to improve. The group is Semi-Hardcore as we run a strict composition and rely heavily on cc consumables and push phases for easier fights. I am willing to teach 100 & 99 CM with barely any experience if you are interested in becoming a permanent part of the group. With the new Fractal CM on the way we are all pumped up and excited for it.

This group runs at -2 before reset Semi-Daily. My IGN is Salicia.5943, in game mail preferred.

What roles we run (You must have 2):Healbrand: Group healer, stab, condi cleanse, quickness, with pact runesPower BS: CC and utility with 2 offhand maces and backup ball for Aratsiiv, anomaly on ArkkAlac Ren: Have at least the 80% boon duration alac ren knowledge down, know which encounters require which legends to run OR ASK, priority ball on Aratsiiv unless it is "No pain, no gain"DPS: Power only for now (Nothing is wrong with condi but utility with DH, Holo, Soulbeast is OP)

What we require:Rock, Plank (warrior only), Termite Shovel, Metal Rod and Harpy Feathers consumablesFractal potions, food & utilityDiscord

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