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[EU Servers] #WelcomeToGW2


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#WelcomeToGW2 is the Guild Wars 2 guiding and mentoring service created by GW2 players for GW2 players ;) This is dedicated to any Newcomer and Veteran willing to help!

How it works:

Dungeons: dungeon runs will be organized on a regular basis; these will be on STORY MODE ONLY, so that Newcomers will be able to get TONS of XP, TONS of materials and even a nice amount of coins ^^ (not as Explorable Mode but still good in my opinion, to create our own starting wallet). Of course, these runs’ frequency will depend on any Mentor’s availability (you know, real life etc… :D ).

Ascalonian Catacombs - Min Level Req.: 30Caudecus' Manor - Min Level Req.: 40Twilight Arbor - Min Level Req.: 50Sorrow's Embrace - Min Level Req.: 60Citadel of Flame - Min Level Req.: 70Honor of the Waves - Min Level Req.: 76Crucible of Eternity - Min Level Req.: 78

Explorable Mode Dungeon training: Honor of the Waves - More fights & loots, less mechanics ! XD

BIG Meta Event Maps for fresh-level 80s (Level 80 required):

Silverwastes - NO EXPANSION required

How to join:

  • Once in game, open your “LFG & Contacts” panel (default key: Y), clic on “DUNGEON” menu and look for #WelcomeToGW2 hastag.


Online Guides: i'll try to update this thread with any useful guide i'll find around ;)

Hope you’ll like this idea, feel free to ask questions and more info through this forum thread or in game: Birdack.6714.


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