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Shadow Arts Staff Daredevil WvW/PvP


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Made a build inspired by Aikijinx's Shadow Arts staff d/p build but with some differences, mainly being that I choose bound over dash for more accessible stealth through the leap finisher as well as raw damage output, making for a better brawler through sacrificing some mobility and damage mitigation.In some clips you will also see me running 3 stunbreaks instead of 2 and smoke screen. This is to create more versatility and allow you to be more liberal with your utility skills. It also indirectly creates more condi clear as you have 2 other stunbreaks besides shadowstep, so you can use it for positioning/condi removal more freely, as that is something this build is a bit weak to, considering I've chosen steal Hidden thief instead of condi removal while in stealth.Overall, this build is an unconventional brawler and I've really been enjoying playing it. Staff's weaknesses are made up for by the shadow arts line, and it creates for interesting synergy as you have access to stealth while in staff allowing for better plays.

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@Yasai.3549 said:Yu might as well run a Staff build instead.80% of what makes a Staff build is already used here.Sure, but what makes this build different from let’s say deadly arts staff is that it’s more about sustained damage and brawling rather than burst.

I’ve found i have a much easier time with 1v1s and 1vX in most matchups than i do with deadly arts staff due to the fact that this build makes up for staff and deadly arts weaknesses. Shadow arts provides the sustain that the staff play style requires while still keeping good sustained damage.

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