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[NA][Raid][Fractals]Looking for East Asia/OCX/early morning America people to play with


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I currently live in Japan and I mostly play at night here, but LFG, Raid training guilds, etc., aren't very active during the time I play. I really want to get into fractal CMs and learn new Raid wings, so I've been looking for a group of people or guild that is active around 10:30 UTC ~ 13:00 UTC (server time).

I play T4 fractals regularly, and I'm experienced in W1 and W4, semi-experienced in W2 and W3.

I can play DH and HB in fractals and raids, and Condi FB, QB, Reaper, Condi Scourge, and HS in raids only.

Send me an in-game mail (ArtVeigar.3952) if you would like to invite me to your group, or reply to this post if you are in a similar situation, maybe we could start a new group if there is enough people.

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Hello Art.

Glad to read your message. I live in Japan as well and only returned to GW2 and bought the expansions recently. I am in a NA guild from Tarnished Coast (my server as well), which is quite active, however I am actually also thinking about creating a guild for East Asia / SEA / Oceania time-zone players specifically. In case you are still available and interested in the idea, let's catch-up in game (I added you on friend list).

In any case, good luck :-)よろしくお願いします

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