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EU Returning player looking for smaller guild - PVE


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Hello!I've been playing this game on and off since release and have never really made it that far into the end game. I have really wanted to but my friends quit early and I haven't stuck around long enough to find a guild that suits me. I've decided to give this game an honest try and so I want to join a smaller guild which could help me with fractals which I've never really done before. And so you probably figured I haven't really done anything else beyond Fractals either. I'm not brain dead but I've just found it a bit daunting to try and find groups on my own instead of being a guild group to talk me through what I need to know without shaming me for not knowing.

So in short, I'd love to join a small casual PVE guild which has members with humor and is not too serious about things (serious when needed) and likes to have fun!

Let me know if you feel like your guild would be a great fit!Over and out! o/

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Hi there, we have a small guild - OMG - which I am hoping to try and rebuild as most members have stopped playing recently, with just the loyal few remaining. The guild has a level 43 guild hall which is Sandswept Haven and we are still working on getting it to max level. We are friendly and helpful and like to have a laugh. I have done most things in game apart from Raids and having played for 3 years I still have much to learn but I am always willing to help if I can! If you would like to join or have any questions please let me know :D


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