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Can please something be done about PvP balance with regards to burst damage?

Sgt Scrappy.3965

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I love this game for its PvP. I don't claim to be good at this game. My W:L ratio is 106:84 total. So nothing special.However I like to think that I am a fairly reliable teamplayer.I greatly enjoy playing with my necromancer on a survivability+boonstrip build. And having counters doesn't bother me at all (I always lose to theives).

But there is just some crap that feels extremely unfair/unbalanced for PvP. In my opinion the following:

  • Shatter mesmer (ranged onshotting burst damage with no tell)
  • Mesmer gravity well (instant cast, 3 stage AOE stun with very long stun duration)
  • Druid (ranged massive AOE heals that can revive downed players and heal them to full. With short cooldowns too)
  • Burn damage (Burst condition damage condition. No way to reduce it extremely high DPS. The short durations make it extremely difficult to cleanse).
  • Deadeye (long range oneshot damage with rifle, near pernanent invisibility)
  • Scourge (large AOE ranged oneshot damage)
  • Spellbreaker (stun/daze chain feels way too strong)

So as you can see from my list, the thing that bugs me greatly is getting onshotted from full HP to dead.And even that would be OK if the skills doing that had a tell to them, to have a chance to dodgeroll it.Its always instacast skills, no tell, instant death for the victim.

For example however, I don't get bugged if I am hit by a guardian longsword spin, and lose 75% of my HP.
In this case the skill has a clear tell, and the guardian takes a risk at melee range to execute this bursty skill.Same with daredevil theives. Their damage is high. But they take a risk at close range to do this damage. So this feels fair to me.

Can please something be done about burst damage that can oneshot players?For example give all massive burst skills a clear tell to them, or a longer cast time to reduce its burstyness.

Thanks for reading,With kind regards,Sgt Scrappy

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