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Auto tracking/targeting immediately after leaving stealth regardless of position and line of sight


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Perhaps it is supposed to be this way, but when I play on thief I find myself making use of the stealth mechanics to defend myself or keep the fight fair-ish (in my favor). When fighting mesmers and rangers they have these little "helpers" that can instantly find me no matter where I am after leaving stealth, and of course attack me. This will happen if I am far away or out of sight behind terrain, such as a wall. The "helpers" are of course clones and pets.So what is the big deal?

I like to use my stealth to re position myself, and then sometimes use terrain to hide from a player. As an advantage, having the enemy not know my current location briefly may give me the edge I need. So with the "helpers" locating me like heat seeking missles...the player never really has to discover me on their own, and therefor I lose the ability to get the jump on them.

From my understanding, mirage itself was further designed to confuse players as to which one is real...that is quite useful. As a rogue class (thief) that relies on the "shadows" and trickery to gain the upper-hand...how can I accomplish this when I am a walking beacon for these "helpers"?

The worse part is, sometimes these helpers come at me with superspeed+ after exiting stealth....shattered...poof dead.

Of course the AI, program, or whatever can almost instantly scan the area and hit me, but human players can not normally.

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